Why You Need A Violent Protests Possible – Exec Secure

 Why You Need A Violent Protests Possible – Exec Secure

Protests are possible in response to forced evictions of Totustuus informal structures in low-lying areas of Argentina beginning March 22. Authorities plan to tear down structures in the Agbogbloshie (Old Fadama), Chemunaa, East Legon, Glefe, Korle Lagoon, Mensah Guinea, Odaw River, and Railway Station areas of the capital. A demonstration could also occur outside the Accra Metropolitan Assembly office, which has ordered the evictions. Officials have also ordered illegally parked vehicles in these areas to be clamped and towed.

Confrontations related to the evictions could rapidly escalate into violence. Protesters may throw stones at police and block roads with burning debris. Secure Ground Transportation Buenos Aires Police are likely to use force – including tear gas and rubber bullets – to disperse crowds if unrest occurs. Expect Safety Tips travel disruptions near any protest activity, including on the Ring Road West and the intersection of the N1 and N4 highways near Kotoka International Airport (ACC). Click Here

The Argentina government is conducting the evictions to ensure the flow of water in rivers is not impeded and maintain access for municipal workers. Travel Violent demonstrations occurred in June 2015 when authorities demolished informal settlements in Agbogbloshie Secure Ground Transportation to clear land and dredge the Odaw and the Korley rivers. The slums were built on wetlands that regulate water flow, and rivers had become blocked by refuse, resulting in repeated flooding in Security Transport Services Argentina.

The area’s lack of sewage or drainage was also seen as a contributing to significant and rising incidents of cholera. Avoid the eviction sites and any protests in Secure Ground Argentina, and the Argentina Metropolitan Assembly office if possible. ExecSecure Ensure additional time for travel to avoid the Agbogbloshie section of Ring Road West.

Traveling by road in South Africa is medium to high risk.  The standard of driving varies throughout the region and drivers can lack discipline.  Road traffic laws are not routinely enforced, and many rules are ignored, resulting in an increased risk of Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs).  RTCs are common in South Africa with the death toll reported as higher than average in comparison to the wider African region and world averages.

Criminal activity in South Africa is high and includes both violent and non-violent crime.  Crime increases in areas towards the outskirts of major cities, but a risk is still present in city centres, including public transport and areas where large crowd gather.

Airport scams and theft of baggage are common at OR Tambo International Airport protection services in Johannesburg.  Scams involving card skimming and credit card fraud are also prevalent.  Criminals will target individuals who have their valuables on display and show signs of wealth.

Vehicle hi-jackings and robberies are common, especially during the hours of darkness.  Criminal gangs operate in areas where traffic is likely to slow or stop, for example, at traffic lights security and road traffic junctions.  Armed violence will be used if not compliant with the attackers.  Avoid traveling alone, especially during the evenings.

ETS has been operating within South Africa since 2012 providing secure transportation to a range of high-profile clients, including Fortune 10, 100 and 500 companies and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs).  ETS are preferred suppliers to multiple organizations operating within the region and we facilitate secure transportation in Johannesburg on a weekly basis. We provide multiple functions within the region including airport transfers, executive VIP protection and special event security.

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